Mika Nakashima


Name: Mika Nakashima (Mika Nakashima)
Birthday: 19-02-1983
Place of Birth: Kagoshima (now living: Daikanyama)
Height: 160 cm
Blood type: A
Family members: parents, two sisters, cats (Dio) (DONNA)
To do daily: diary
Favourite flower: lily
Favorite food: Japanese rice, mayonnaise
Favorite cartoon character: Doraemon
Favourite quote: Dreams Come True
Hobbies: Collecting shoes, barefoot and singing Live sound recording
Favourite fragrance: The Body Shop <White Musuku>
Favourite designer: Vivienne Westwood
Favorite clothing: Tailor (especially black), hats, shoes, a pair of jeans
First CD to buy: [after the ceremony] Keisuke Kuwata
Favourite brands: Vivienne Westwood
Places like to go: Macdonald

“Mika Nakashima is what kind of girls do …&#8221; Tips from the beginning of this, let Mika Nakashima in their own words tell us!
‧ The most important thing now is to keep in mind the matter was explained.
‧ If the heaven-sent talent and performance are not good, I would be very discouraged.
‧ I would not look good even if it does not matter the appearance, as long as we can get enough of the resonance.
‧ its my personal welcome and I hope that the popularity of my songs.
‧ likes sad songs
‧ phone friends and hope that one day be able to live with his mother. But I am not lonely.
‧ eventually … I hope that can become famous, you can take care of my people pay a debt of gratitude.
‧ of fame I think I can for my hard work and proud of the people.
‧ like Doraemo ~ I would like to get time machine to the very far distant future, to see the old lady turned into its own.

Advertising photography

PS Hall elementary school journal
Kodak Max Beauty Film Kodak Max Beauty
Kanebo Kate Cosmetics Kanebo Kate
Rohto eye drops
Meiji Boda Biscuit
Meiji Fran Meiji Fran chocolate
Sony Hi-MD Walkman

Film drama

「NaNa 」「NaNa 2 」 The film “a very evil of occasional juvenile&#8221; “NaNa&#8221; “NaNa 2&#8221;
Series “private detective Mike foreshore&#8221;
Drama “Shinjuku wounds Love Song&#8221;


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